Palin tells crowd in Tyler it is time for responsible drilling for oil

Tyler Telegraph:

Sarah Palin first used her slogan, "Drill, baby, drill," when she was running for vice president. She used it again Saturday night at The Oil Palace, where she talked about the importance of drilling oil domestically for a more secure, freer and more prosperous nation.

Mrs. Palin, former governor of Alaska, author and political commentator, said she first used the now-famous term to call for drilling domestically, safely, responsibly and ethically, although some accused her of being a cheerleader for reckless oil companies.

"We chant 'Drill, baby, drill' because we understand the need to domestically develop our resources," she said to a group of more than 2,000 people gathered at The Oil Palace, which she called an "appropriate" place to talk about energy.

People were decked out in patriotic outfits and waving flags or signs that read "Run Baby Run! 2012" while Mrs. Palin spoke. She said she loved the signs and referenced one she saw the other day that read: "I can see November from my house."

Mrs. Palin talked about the "tragic" oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and what it means to be an energy secure, energy independent nation that domestically drills for oil. She said she comes from a family who understands oil contributions to families, communities and states and she is mindful of the potential tragedy of an oil spill, such as the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in 1989.

"Our heart is broken for them," she said of the BP oil spill victims.

She said Washington doesn't understand the need to be energy secure and President Barack Obama doesn't understand that there's a link between security and freedom while relying on others makes us less secure, less free and less prosperous.

"We don't want the government taking over private industry, and I don't think … that's something Obama understands," she said, adding that she is for domestic drilling with strict oversight. She said she supports free market, believes in competition and a level playing field and letting the government get out of the way for a free and prosperous nation.

She said the White House has its fingers in so many things it shouldn't that it doesn't focus on the one thing it should be focused on -- national security.

Mrs. Palin said Obama asked for his job and the responsibilities that come with it, but he hasn't done anything to clean up the oil spill or prevent it from happening. He has blamed others and refused offers for help from other countries and local Gulf residents, she said.

Her speech was introduced by Gov. Perry's who is campaigning for reelection. You can tell why Democrats are so upset when she speaks, because she tells the uncomfortable truth and it makes them squirm. The AP actually estimated the crowd at 5000. Palin is still a Texas favorite.


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