Mossad chief to step down?


Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad, Israel's intelligence service, could step down in three months after the country's Prime Minister refused to extend his term, a television channel has claimed.

The unconfirmed reports will prompt speculation that Mr Dagan, 65, is being ousted over a botched operation in January to kill a Hamas operative in Dubai that led to a diplomatic backlash from some of Israel's closest allies.

Israel's Channel Two television claimed that Mr Dagan, who has served eight years in the post, asked Benjamin Netanyahu to extend his term, but the request was turned down. Mr Netanyahu's office immediately refuted the reports, saying that Mr Dagan "did not turn to us and did not ask us to extend his term."


The Hamas operative in Dubai deserved to die and he did. That part of the operation was not botched. The team that handled the operation could have done a better job of handling the video security in the hotel, but the bottom line is they all escaped. It appears that Israel's government is ready for a new head of Mossad, although it denies that Dagan asked for an extension.


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