Gaza goes Taliban

Stephanie Gutmann:

Freed from scrutiny by the EU and US focus on whether Israelis add extensions to their homes in Jerusalem, Hamas continues the quiet work of turning the Gaza strip into a Taliban-style Islamic state. A few days ago came the news that the Gaza Strip’s most senior judge “has ordered all female lawyers to wear headscarves and a long, dark colored cloak under their black robes when they appear in court beginning September.”

This is part of a general crackdown on female professionals — or maybe it’s just females. It follows the news several weeks ago, reported by Khaled Abu Toameh of the Jerusalem Post, that Hamas policemen attempted to arrest a female Palestinian journalist “under the pretext that she came to a Gaza beach dressed immodestly and was seen laughing in public.”


These are very scared men who fear their hormones cannot be controlled unless they control what women wear. Also see the post below where a 27 year old woman was murdered by her father for having a cell phone. It is hard to imagine civilized people treating women so horribly in the name of a religion. The sickness of the culture is becoming more obvious is people would stop turning their heads.


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