Why Democrats, Obama have so much trouble selling health care reform



  • Whether the focus is access to healthcare or the quality of care, less than a majority of Americans are convinced that healthcare reform will be beneficial to either the country or to their own personal situations.
  • Americans are less likely to believe healthcare reform will result in improvements to themselves personally than to the national healthcare situation.
  • Americans believe that healthcare reform will increase costs rather than lower them, both nationally and for themselves.
Health care reform has always ranked pretty low on the concerns of voters, mainly because most voters are not unhappy with their own experience. It is not surprising that they might come to the conclusion that the changes to benefit the few who are unhappy with their health care ex0perience will be at their expense.

The Democrats went into this fight thinking the public wanted what they were trying to offer and they seem surprised to find that is not the case.


  1. Why are most people against the proposed 'reform'? Duh! Because most of us realize that it is just another example of Mr.O's desire to share the wealth. People who have contributed little or nothing to the American economy-including illegals-will be covered at the expense of the rest of us, both by increased cost and decreased quality of care.


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