The Tea Party Poll

NY Times:

Most Americans continue to want the federal government to focus on reducing the budget deficit rather than spending money to stimulate the national economy, a new New York Times/CBS News poll finds. Yet at the same time, most oppose some proposed solution for decreasing it.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said that they were not willing to pay more in taxes in order to reduce the deficit, and nearly as many said they were not willing for the government to provide fewer services in areas such as health care, education and defense spending.

Isn't that the message the Tea Party movement has been sending for months? The same message that many in the media, particularly the liberal MSNBC, have been criticizing and making fun of with homoerotic insults. It turns out that most voters are more concerned about the deficits than Obama and the Democrats. That is one reason why the health care bill is in such trouble. With the failure of the stimulus to stimulate the big spenders are having a difficult time explaining things.


  1. This is why Sarah Palin stepped down from the AK governorship. She, and her supporters, see the Tea Party movement to be a broad-based coalition of folks who want the deficit brought under control and want less big government.

    Watch her manage this movement over the next few years. This will be her base.

    BTW, I have been a registered Democrat living in Chapel Hill, NC for over 34 years.

  2. Wagrubbs, You need to get real and not be a Democrat.


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