Nigeria Taliban leader found in goat pen


The leader of an Islamic sect blamed for days of deadly violence in Nigeria has been killed in police custody, police officials say.

The news came just hours after security forces said they had captured Mohammed Yusuf in the city of Maiduguri.

Mr Yusuf led Boko Haram, which wants to overthrow the government and impose a strict version of Islamic law.

Hundreds of people have died in five days of clashes between his followers and security forces.

"He has been killed. You can come and see his body at the state police command headquarters," Isa Azare, spokesman for the Maiduguri police command, told Reuters news agency.

His bullet-riddled body was shown on state television, AFP news agency said.

Troops had stormed Boko Haram's stronghold on Wednesday night, killing many of the militants and forcing others to flee.

Mr Yusuf was arrested earlier on Thursday, after reportedly being found hiding in a goat pen at his parents-in-law's house.

BBC News website Africa editor Joseph Winter says Nigeria's security forces have a terrible reputation for brutality and human rights groups accuse them of frequent extra-judicial killings.


It appears they gave him the same due process he gave his innocent victims. It is curious that the leader's own brutality and extra-judicial killings were not a concern to human rights groups. The world is better off with out Yusuf and his followers. The only real question is whether putting him through a a lawfare process would develop information that would be beneficial to society. I suspect the chances of that are remote. That being said, I would have taken him into custody to see if he had some intelligence information.

One of the main motivations for the groups attack was education. They were fighting for ignorance and at least the dead achieved that objective.


  1. it does not cease to amaze me why the western media would alway take advantage of every situation to grand stand for the developing countruies as are in africa. here is a criminal that have orchestrated the killing of hundreds of innocent people and he gets killed and all the west would rather focus on is that it is agaisnt human right to have killed him. it still goes to show how far removed the west is from the realities of the everyday man that has to keep on living after facing the tragedy of losing a loved one to a criminal like yusuf and his sect or carrying on living after all your lively hood and belonging have been razed down by this same people... i think the west needs to atleast make an attempt to understand africa abit or else they should stay out of it. i have lived this reality and i know what i am saying.

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