Michael Williams makes his case for senate race

Cleburne Times-Review:


From health care proposals to spending to the cap and trade bill, Williams decried the actions of President Barack Obama.

“A child born today gets a birth certificate in one hand and a federal deficit bill for $30,000,” Williams said. “I remember hearing some, during the inauguration, say, ‘Well, how much damage can [Obama] do in four years?’ We didn’t realize how much he could do in six months.”

By remaining true to the values of the party, Republicans have an opportunity to turn things around, Williams said. But they must reach out to do so.

“To regain control, we have to make this party look a whole lot more like Texas than this room,” Williams said. “That means sitting down with black folk, Latinos and others to see what their thoughts and concerns are.”

If you give Michael a chance you will like him and his policies. The contest still has a long way to go, and you will have more chances to get to know him.


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