When will Obama cave to Norks

Peter Brooks:

A North Korean nuclear- weapons test, taken in isolation, is bad enough. But put into a wider context, the underground blast over the Memorial Day weekend is worse than many realize.

A lot worse.

First, on the political front, North Korea's Kim Jong Il has challenged President Obama more in four months than he did President George W. Bush in eight years.

Since Obama has taken office, North Korea has kicked out UN nuclear inspectors, launched both short- and long-range missiles and tested a nuclear weapon.

It's not clear why the dictator has chosen to badger Obama, especially considering the president's promises of a kinder, gentler touch when it comes to rogues. But it's definitely not good news for Uncle Sam -- and the conclusion has to be that more provocations are coming in our direction.

The question is: When and how big will the next one be?

Second, this nuclear test appears to have been more successful than North Korea's first in October 2006.


The situation appears even darker upon consideration that the blast comes in the shadow of North Korea's launch just last month of a Taepodong -- a missile thought to have intercontinental-range potential.


Third, North Korea's successes make it a popular merchant for those that want to obtain nukes and missiles, raising concerns that technology, material and know-how will proliferate among anti-American actors.


The latter is the reason for the latest tantrum following South Korea's agreement to join with others in stopping Nork proliferation, which they obviously are looking forward to because they so desperately need the money.

They will continue to ratchet up the rhetoric in hopes of getting some deal. They may be so desperate that they believe they have nothing to lose by starting a war. We should be ready to respond by getting F-22s and other assets in place.


  1. It's not clear why the dictator has chosen to badger Obamathats easy... obama is a socialist with a playbook that is 40 years old. oh, he knows the goals as does everyone as they are always announced, but when he has to make a choice, he is going to choose ideologically. and not even true to the ideology, but to the crippled western version (which unlike china or russia includes suicidal passifism).

    for 4 years he knows what the play book moves he chooses will result in.

    now if you were every despot on the planet and you knew what you were seeing is what your seeing (while his own people deny it), then wouldnt you be chomping your bit to either get a pay out, a large ability to move forward unopposed, or any number of other titbits without any real repercussions a golden 4 years that cant be wasted?


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