Gitmo and enemy deceit


Mohammed Ismail was released from the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in early 2004 and sent back to Afghanistan to be set free.

Within four months, the U.S. military said, he was recaptured in Afghanistan attacking U.S. troops there, with paperwork on him that said he was a Taliban in good standing.

He is just one of 74 former Guantanamo Bay detainees who the military says were active in, or were suspected of being active in, fighting against the United States or committing terrorist acts after being released.

Another is Abdullah Gulam Rasoul, who was released from Guantanamo in December 2007 and set free in Afghanistan. Rasoul has become a powerful Taliban military commander in southern Afghanistan, the military said, and the United States suspects he is responsible for several attacks on U.S. forces there.

A senior U.S. military official said he believes Rasoul is using his former Guantanamo experience to build on his "rock star status" among the Taliban.

Abd al Hadi Abdallah Ibrahim al Shaikh of Saudi Arabia, who was released in 2007, was arrested in 2008 by Saudi authorities on suspicion of supporting terrorism inside that country, the military said.


These guys obviously lied to get out of Gitmo. Deceit is a strong part of their war against us, so it should not be surprising that they tell recruits to claim that Gitmo was a reason they became a jihadi. It is part of their information operation against the facility in much the same way they claim civilian casualties in Afghan bombing strikes. It is their best defense to two of the most effective weapons we have against their war against us.

That is why, Obama is making a mistake to imply that Gitmo has created more terrorist than it has held. while the terrorist may make that claim, it is one where they are clearly lying for propaganda purposes and it is a mistake for the President to repeat enemy propaganda to support a bad decision.


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