Head choppers allegedly conspire with Mexican mayors

Washington Post:

In a series of raids that began at dawn on Tuesday, federal police detained the mayors of 10 prominent cities in the central state of Michoacan under suspicion that they were working for a violent drug cartel that beheaded its enemies.

The simultaneous detention of the mayors represents an unprecedented and bold move by the government of President Felipe Calderón in his war against the cartels. The mayors were taken to Mexico City to be interrogated.

Some were taken from their homes, others from their offices. In some cases, the mayors were surrounded by 200 federal agents, supported by masked Mexican soldiers.

The mayors were under investigation for the past six months, said Ricardo Nájera, spokesman for the attorney general. They are suspected of leaking information and providing protection to a small but exceptionally violent cartel called La Familia de Michoacan, which announced its presence in 2006 by throwing five severed heads onto the floor of a nightclub.


This is a head on attack on the corruption that supports the Mexican criminal insurgency. The Cauldron government may be the most honest Mexican government in history and public officials are starting to see the consequences of corruption.

The importance of the mayors includes their influence on law enforcement and its ability to thwart the rule of law in Mexico. The rule of payoffs has been disastrous for the people of Mexico. Corruption is theft from the citizens as a whole.


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