The cost to you of cap and trade

From API's Jack Gerard:


As a recent independent analysis shows, this inequitable approach, by itself, will produce additional unemployment, driving annual job destruction totals related to the legislation to more than one million. Another independent study projects job losses more than double this – up to 2.7 million net jobs lost annually, even with new green jobs created. According to one of these reports, an average family will pay an additional $1,500 a year for energy and 74 percent more for gasoline. Today, that would mean gasoline prices above $4.00 a gallon, an increase nearly equivalent to a ten-fold rise in the federal gasoline tax.”

Liberals want gas to be a $4 a gallon, they just want to be collecting the money for their agenda and not producers who would invest it in getting further production of energy. It will cost jobs and put this country in a permanent recession.

The only exception might be people that Democrats select to give money back to. Even for these people it creates further dependency which gives Democrats more control over your life.

The Democrats get a twofer for their control freak agenda. They get greater control over both producers and consumers. Both will be required to jump through hoops to survive and they will be raising and lower the hoops to control peoples decisions and manipulate the market for energy.

If private companies conspired to manipulate prices in this manner they would be busted under anti trust laws, but supporters of this manipulation by government are engaging in moral preening and self satisfaction.


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