Chavez tries to break Castro's speaking record


You could call it a speech, gabfest or talkathon but none quite capture the verbal torrent that Hugo Chávez will unleash on Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday.

Venezuela's president is to elevate his reputation for garrulousness to new heights by hosting a four-day radio and TV chatshow. "It starts Thursday and will finish Sunday afternoon or evening. So prepare yourselves," he said. The socialist leader has decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his weekly show Alo Presidente – an unprecedented test of stamina for his larynx, viewers and listeners.

He is expected to interview guests, sing, recount childhood anecdotes, dissect foreign and domestic policy, recite quotations, muse on Latin American history, maybe hire and fire government officials, all without a tele­prompter or script.


I feel sorry to the people at the CIA and State Department who have to listen to this performance. I need to advise him for the call in portion, that is the phone does not ring, it me. I will be blogging on more interesting subjects.


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