Democrats will crack up over national security

Adam Brodsky:

EVER since November, Democrats and Republicans alike have wondered how the GOP would rebuild -- as the press mischievously stoked the "rift" between party moderates and conservatives. Just Monday, The New York Times portrayed Colin Powell's call for Republicans to shun the "diktats that come from the right wing" as "an extraordinary public struggle . . . over the future of the party."

But here's the bigger story: The realities of America's 21st-century national-security needs, and President Obama's attempts to please all comers in this area, are rending Democrats, not Republicans -- or will soon. Emerging threats in the past two weeks alone make that clear.

Unless the left figures out how to make peace with the notion of legitimate self-defense, Dems (and let's hope not the rest of the country) may be in for a rude awakening.

Sure, Republicans are second-guessing themselves, weighing how to move forward and who best to lead them. Of course they could use a young, eloquent, sexy spokesman to compete with Obama's fresh face and rhetorical prowess. They're outcasts in both houses of Congress and the White House, after all.

But Kim Jong Il just set off a second nuclear bomb, launched a swarm of missiles and vowed "a powerful military strike" if North Korea's ships are stopped and searched. Iran tested a new missile and dispatched a mini-armada in a show of chest-beating. The Taliban may take over nuclear-armed Pakistan any minute. Hezbollah terrorists are poised to win parliamentary elections in Lebanon on June 7.

And that's just for starters.

Obama, meanwhile, has conducted a global apology tour and a make-nice-to-dictators campaign. And he's loudly defended his decisions to shut Gitmo and ban tough interrogations.

In these trying times, the commander-in-chief is reminding Americans why they can't trust Dems on national security. Indeed, even when Democrats in Congress took a rare seemingly tough-on-the-enemy tack in blocking Obama from shutting Gitmo, they did it for the wrong reason: to please Nervous Nellies who fear new neighbors in their back yards.


Indeed, with global events likely to boost security issues ever higher on the national agenda, Democrats are the ones who need to do the soul-searching.


The cracks are already starting to show. There is already talk of pulling out of Afghanistan after a year. Obama's biggest problem with North Korea will come from the kook base of the Democrat party that comes from the Henry Wallace school of appeasement. These Wallaceites at MoveOn are already cranky over Obama's decision to revive the military commissions.

By going with lawfare lite rather than trying the terrorist in civilian courts where they would be acquitted and turned loose on our streets Obama has already angered the kooks.


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