Taliban leave infestation behind in Buner


Taliban fighters remained in a Pakistani valley near the capital on Saturday, but many had pulled out after quitting their main base, officials said.

"They have gone, but left their germs here," Abdul Rasheed Khan, the district's top police officer, told Reuters. "Now we have about 200 local Taliban who can be seen on roadsides."


On Friday, guerrilla commander Fazlullah, ordered his men to pull back to the neighboring Swat valley, and his spokesman said around 100 fighters were being withdrawn.

Residents saw Taliban fighters abandoning their main base at Sultan Was village in the Buner valley.

A senior security official said the Taliban should lay down arms, allow the police to carry out their duties and allow new courts, known as qazi courts, to deliver justice according to sharia law.

"If they do not do any of this, the state will decide to go for an operation, and this time the operation will be on a larger scale," he said.


It is a major mistake for Pakistan to accept Shari'a Law. This barbaric code from the middle ages has no place in the modern world. It is also a mistake for the government to allow the Taliban to leave their "germs" behind in Buner. The government should be planning operations to destroy the Taliban movement and not to accommodate it. Their failure to do so will only increase the misery of the Pakistani people who must endure teh control reak religious bigots.


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