Gitmo closure complicates war funding bill

Washington Times:

President Obama's $83.4 billion war-spending bill is headed for an unexpectedly tough time on Capitol Hill, where Republicans are scrutinizing the funding priorities and rank-and-file Democrats want to include performance benchmarks for the Afghanistan mission.

Despite bipartisan support for Mr. Obama's war policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, Republicans are taking a stand against the more than $81 million requested to shut down the prison camp at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell last week railed against the administration's move to close the outpost without a plan to relocate the roughly 240 terrorism suspects now locked up on the island.

"Americans want some assurances that closing Guantanamo won't make them less safe, and for good reason," the Kentucky Republican said. "Guantanamo currently houses some of the most dangerous men alive. These are men who are proud of the innocent lives they've taken and who want to return to terrorism."

He noted that the Defense Department has confirmed that 18 former detainees had returned to the battlefield and at least 40 more are suspected to have rejoined terrorism networks.


The decision to close Gitmo was one of Obama's first major screw ups. It could lead to the release of terrorist in the US. There are already reports that the Chinese Uighurs who were being trained by al Qaeda will be released in the Washington, DC area.

The only reason Obama has given for the closure is his perceived PR benefits with people who don't have the same interests in our national security. It is a huge mistake that will make us less safe.


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