Napolitano focuses on employers, after withdrawing everify

NY Times:

In an effort to crack down on illegal labor, the Department of Homeland Security intends to step up enforcement efforts against employers who knowingly hire such workers.

Under guidelines to be issued Thursday to Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices, agents will be instructed to take aim at employers and supervisors for prosecution “through the use of carefully planned criminal investigations.”

Senior officials of the Homeland Security Department said Wednesday that illegal workers would continue to be detained in raids on workplaces. But the officials said they hoped to mark an abrupt departure from past practices by making those arrests as part of an effort to build criminal and civil cases against employers.

This is perverse. One of Napolitano's first acts was to drop the E-verify which allows employers to make sure that they are not hiring someone here illegally. So now she is going after them for knowingly hiring illegals when she took away the best method of determining whether they know. Under the Bush administration the E-verify check would give the employer some defense but the Obama team thought it discriminated against illegals or something like that. It is strange that the NY Times did not even mention the E-verify in their story.

The implication of the story is that DHS has more empathy for those who came here illegally than they do for those who hire them. The problem with this attitude is that the illegals know they came here illegally and the employer may not. If the employer knows the person came here illegally, then there is a conspiracy to violate the law and both are guilty. If the employer does not know then this new policy will be a miscarriage of justice.


  1. U.S. Reps. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz states she has a replacement for E-VERIFY? But with all the lies our Politicians tell us, such as no more AMNESTIES, or completing the Border Fence, how can we--THE PEOPLE--tell fact from fiction? Is this so-called replacement just an intentional hold-up while the negotiate secret committee's to push another path to citizenship, as which the 1986 was a catastrophe and and downright fraud. The parasite businesses that hire illegal workers remain unscathed up to now, but E-Verify would put an end to that large profit run. It's easy to work off the books, so that they pay nothing towards the upkeep of their illegal labor, while the US taxpayer subsidizes both. So battle stations are being called in the next months and anti-illegal aliens advocates are ready for the fight. E-Verify should be a permanent instrument and not just for new workers to determine illegal labor in the workplace?

    May 1st, is going to show the American taxpayer where their taxes are going? Millions of people ready to demonstrate in the streets, for comprehensive Immigration reform and will probably get it under the Democratic-Socialist majority. If they become de facto legal the consequences will be very expensive for the population, because then we will be adding to the hundreds of billions of dollars already extracted from your paycheck in Federal mandates for benefits. Remember with another Amnesty it will be a commitment for billions of unseen dollars, being appropriated. Once legalized the newcomers can sponsor their whole family group adding to the chaos, and more money to support them. After this 2nd Amnesty the next waves of impoverished will keep coming--and never stopping.

    Those who sponsor immigrants who are relatives sign an affidavit of financial support and must shoulder financial responsibility by law. But it is riddled with loopholes, so new arrivals and their U.S.-born children (anchor Babies--intentional misinterpretation of emancipation for African Slaves after the Civil War) often become lifelong public burdens. A blockbuster example is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Economics writer Ed Rubenstein’s new report, “The Earned Income Tax Credit and Illegal Immigration: A Study in Fraud, Abuse, and Liberal Activism,” The author says immigrants collected about $12 billion from the EITC last year, the majority not paying a cent towards it. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation found high school-dropouts-who headed households pay an average of $9,700 a year in taxes but collect an average of $32,138 a year in benefits. All this money in real dollars is procured from unaware taxpayers. Surf NUMBERSUSA for the truth not the propaganda you expect for the open border zealots.


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