It is time to finish off terrorist Tigers of Tamil

Washington Times Editorial:

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, one of the world's most violent terrorist outfits, are surrounded in northern Sri Lanka and about to be destroyed - but Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and European self-styled peacemakers are getting in the way of victory. The meddlers should let Colombo finish off this menace.

In desperation, the Tamil Tigers are using tens of thousands of locals as human shields. The Sri Lankan government declared a cease-fire and called on the Tigers to release their hostages, but unmanned-aerial-vehicle video footage shows the terrorists holding masses of innocents at gunpoint, refusing them freedom. Last week, Mrs. Clinton played into the hands of the terrorists by blaming the Sri Lankan government for the crisis. "The entire world is very disappointed" that they were "causing such untold suffering," she said.

Foreign governments and aid organizations are calling on Colombo to cease operations, fearing that further action will lead to a humanitarian calamity. Norwegian Environment Minister Eric Solheim has been the point man in trying to negotiate a new truce, but he has been denounced by both sides. In response to his unwelcome efforts, the Nation, a Sri Lankan newspaper, editorialized that "the caravan of military operations has to move on. The time has come to tell the salmon-eating international busybodies to mind their own business."

The Sri Lankan government is justifiably confused and angry at the international response to their progress. Sri Lanka has been fighting the Tamil Tigers for over 30 years. The Tigers pioneered the modern use of suicide bombing and have killed thousands of civilians....

The defeat of the Tigers is a great event in counterinsurgency warfare. One of the things that has prolonged the bloody conflict is the attempts of others to promote reconciliation rather than defeat of some bad people. The same folds who prolonged the conflict with the reconciliation strategy are now attempting to save the terrorist once again. Sri Lanka should ignore their advice.

On average counterinsurgency operations take about 11 years and they are about 90 percent successful. This one lasted much longer because the government did not have an effective strategy until leaders watched the US go after the insurgents in Iraq. After that the government started winning and has been hard nosed in its efforts. Similar strategic change took place in Colombia after the US helped them with counterinsurgency operations. Pakistan would be wise to accept that kind of help now too.

The Guardian reports that the government has rejected a unilateral ceasefire offer by the Tigers. It is demanding surrender. Good.


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