Americans oppose Democrat torture plans


The recent release of detailed memos describing harsh interrogation techniques used on suspected terrorists under the Bush administration has fueled calls for a Congressional investigation.

But most Americans do not want an investigation, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.

According to the poll, sixty-two percent of Americans do not think Congress should hold hearings to investigate the administration’s treatment of detainees. Only a third of Americans thinks Congress should investigate. That's the same proportion as thought so in February.

Republicans overwhelming oppose Congress holding such hearings, and sixty percent of independents agree. Democrats - much like Democratic representatives in Congress -- are more divided. Forty-six percent say Congress should hold hearings, while fifty-one percent say they are not necessary.

If Democrats go forward with show trials and investigations it will backfire on them big time. The poll evidences some ambivalence about what is described as torture by Democrats and the media, but I think that would change during the course of a hearing where it would be explained exactly what was done and what was accomplished as a result of the interrogation. It would be Ollie North all over again.

The wimps who think these interrogations are torture would also think basic training and football practice is torture.


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