Taliban execute couple accused of adultery

Sunday Telegraph:

Their deaths were squalid, riddled with bullets in a field near their home by Taliban gunmen as the execution was captured on a mobile telephone.

In footage which is being watched with horror by Pakistanis, the couple try to flee when they realise what is about to happen. But a gunman casually shoots the man and then the woman in the back with a burst of gunfire, leaving them bleeding in the dirt.

Moments later, when others in the execution party shout out that they are still alive, he returns to coldly finish them with a few more rounds.

Their "crime" was an alleged affair in their remote mountain village controlled by militants in an area that was only recently under the government's sway. It was the kind of barbarity that has become increasingly familiar across Pakistan as the Taliban tide has spread.

But this time, with black-turbaned gunmen almost at the gates of Islamabad, the rare footage has shown urban Pakistanis what could now await them.


There is a video of the execution at the above link. The Taliban have become the barbarian horde of South East Asia. They are making life miserable for everyone under their domination which is spreading in Pakistan. This is just one of many acts of barbarity from corporal punishment to murder that the Taliban have inflicted. It is the type of brutality that was typical of their rule in Afghanistan and they are now terrorizing Pakistan with it. Unfortunately the government of Pakistan is not as appalled by this conduct as the rest of the world.


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