77% of US voters prefer free market to command economy

Rasmussen Reports has the survey. The troubling thing I find about this finding is that 60% or so still favor Obama. That suggest they are really not paying attention to his control freak policies.


  1. I think you missed a key thing, let me bring it into highlight :)

    “Free markets are seen in a better light than capitalism because of the recent behavior by America’s largest corporations,” notes Scott Rasmussenmaking a distinction that isnt there? the opposite of conflating a distinction that is there..

    and the rest of the quote doesnt really make better of it

    “It’s hard for people to embrace a system that lets big business keep profits in good times and then asks for taxpayer bailouts when times are tough. If that’s the way capitalism is perceived, it should be no surprise that people prefer free markets.”

    is "free market" a new synonym for its opposite? like liberal, progressive, etc?

    also its quite ingenuous to think that everything happens only 1mm deep. in that these issues there was a state that made rules which forced the banks to act in a way to preserve themselves till the hot potatoe got too hot.

    the fact that these things got AAA because the ratings people were told that the US government was backing them by fannie and freddie... and so a bad debt, cosigned by the US government gets the rating of the cosigner, not the one who took out the loan who may be a fruit bat. would it then be so unreal if the entities who were told that the state would make good would approach that state to make good when they go bad?

    or is capitalism to him now normalized as fascism, since fascism is to the right of socialism... and so free market is a hop over fascism to where there is no state coercion.

    or is he being a purist?

    i have no idea since i havent heard cogent people making a valid point talk that way.

    so without making excuses for him arbitrarily, what the heck is he saying? :)


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