Who knew the military kills people and breaks things?

Strategy Page:

The British media were in an uproar recently when it was announced that the British army was purchasing American M72A9 portable rocket launchers for its troops in Afghanistan. The A9 version of the M72 is an eight pound, one shot rocket launcher with a warhead described as optimized for destroying structures. The British media immediately jumped to the conclusion that the A9 used a thermobaric (fuel-air explosive) warhead. Shoulder fired rockets with thermobaric warheads have been used in Iraq, by American troops, since 2004. This type of warhead, when it goes off inside a building, or cave, first disperses a combustible mist, which is then ignited, producing an enormous explosion, that often destroys small buildings, and kills everyone in the room, and adjacent rooms and hallways. European media have demonized thermobaric weapons, depicting them as inhumane.

Exactly how a thermobaric explosive is less humane than any other weapon is never investigated with much vigor. Apparently thermobaric is bad, if only because the Americans use them....


Actually it is an excellent weapon that saves the lives of our soldiers by clearing structures of enemy troops. It is an especially good weapon to use on al Qaeda's latest house bomb tactic of luring troops into a structure rigged for demolition like a "truther" thinks the twin towers were rigged. Someone needs to remind these critics that our mission is to make the other guy die for his cause until he gives up. Strategy Page notes that the Euros also opposed the cross bow because it was too easy to use against other European nobles, but it was OK to use against the Muslim hordes.


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