Democrats to continue bad faith investigations

Washington Times:

With political adviser Karl Rove and Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales both out, Democrats lose two top targets in their investigation of the Bush administration, but a new attorney general nominee could hand them both a bigger stage and more leverage for pressing their case.

Top Democrats yesterday said it remains full-speed ahead as they look into the relationship between Mr. Rove, the Justice Department and the Bush White House on political activities and the fired U.S. attorneys. They also said Mr. Bush's next nominee could be held up until his administration turns over documents that Democrats seek in myriad investigations.

"I certainly hope that there will be no thought of confirming anybody for attorney general until all the appropriate documents are given to the Judiciary Committee," Rep. Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, told The Washington Times.

It appears there is a desire to use the confirmation process in bad faith also to extort documents they are not entitled to.


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