Blowing the story on police ammo shortage--again

The Washington Post follows up on the AP's poor reporting on this story with some poor reporting of their own and never contacts the people who can really explain the shortage. Perhaps someone like Google who could have taken them to confederate Yankee who has already exploded this myth. He re explodes on the Washington Post story here.


As conclusively proved by interviewing three ammunition manufacturers last week, the military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have little or nothing to do with police ammunition shortages in the United States.

To recap from that previous post, when the Associated Press ran essentially the same claims (a canned story deserves a canned response):

ATK's Ammunition Systems Group is the largest ammunition manufacturing body in the world. ATK runs the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant under contract, where it has the capacity to manufacture 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition a year, or put another way, a half billion rounds per year more than is being used by our military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is also a major supplier of law enforcement ammunition under Federal Premium, Speer Gold Dot, Lawman, and CCI Blazer brands. The law enforcement ammunition is made in plants in Idaho and Minnesota that are completely separate for their military operations at Lake City. These production lines do not, as the AP falsely states, use the same equipment used to manufacture military ammunition.


Some media people are just determined to follow their storyline whether the facts will follow them there are not. It is ridiculous to suggest that two wars that are not in a highly kinetic phase at this point could impact the supply of ammo in this country. If you read bob Owen' entire piece you will find that the shortage is caused by more police being trained in SWAT missions since 9-11. It is the increase usage by police tht has casued the shortage in their ammo production.


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