Hsu surrenders and is released on $2 million bail

LA Times:

Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, who had been a fugitive from a 1992 grand larceny case, was briefly jailed today before posting bail.

Superior Court Judge H. James Ellis this morning ordered Hsu held and ordered bail set at $2 million. Hsu had turned himself in after news accounts identified him as a fugitive.

Though brief, the jailing was a surprise because supervising Deputy Atty. Gen. Ronald D. Smetana and the attorney representing Hsu had agreed that Hsu could be freed on $1 million bail on the condition he surrender his passports and make all further court appearances.

But Ellis rejected that arrangement and ordered Hsu held.

Smetana said he expected to ask that Hsu serve some time in prison.

In 1992, Hsu agreed to serve three years, although that term could be modified if he makes full restitution, estimated at $1 million.

Only a week ago Hsu was in San Francisco raising money for Democratic politicians. But all that ended this week when the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times raised questions about his fundraising activities and his past.

Bail in this circumstance seems really strange. He has already been convicted and sentenced so there appears to be very little rationale for bail and the pile on top of that the fact that he ahs been a fugitive for 15 years, it is strange that he got any slack at all. I suspect that he is making a restitution offer that might effect the length of his sentence.


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