Who is Hsu?

Rick Moran takes a look at the mysterious Mr. Hsu and sees the possible latex gloved hand of the Peoples Army of China. That is something that the FBI should be exploring most ricki-tick.

The last time the Democrats were caught in such a scandal they used it as a pivot for campaign finance reform. I think that will be much more difficult for them this time. This is a Democrat scandal much like the campaign finance violations were in the 1996 campaign. I don't think McCain or Feingold will bail them out of this one.

And, it is not just Mr. Hsu who is a problem as Christopher Alleva points out in his post on the money donated to the Edwards' campaign in 2004. And don't forget George Soros' friends at ACT. When you put them all together, the aroma of Democrat campaign finance abuse becomes pretty strong. McCain and Feingold have to be really disappointed.

The LA Times is digging into Hsu's past. It describes the latex glove scam as a typical Ponzi scheme where early investors are paid money from new investors. They also find a former girl friend who claims Hsu took her for $100,000.


Records indicate that he didn't make his first federal campaign contribution until 2003, when he gave $2,000 to the presidential campaign of Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.). Hsu rapidly established himself as a major donor, contributing to an array of Democrats -- including California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, Louisiana Sen. Mary L. Landrieu and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.


Hsu has donated or raised more than $1 million for Democrats and their causes, often delivering large donations from multiple individuals. Some of these "bundled" contributions have raised suspicions. In particular, Hsu has worked closely with a family in Daly City, Calif., headed by William Paw, a mail carrier, and his wife, Alice, who is listed as a homemaker.

While Democrats seem uninterested in the source of Hsu's wealth, I suspect the media and the FBI will show more interest in the coming days.


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