"Fighting" Dems losing

AP/Washington Times:

The "Fighting Dems" aren't a collective powerhouse after all.
For months, the Democratic Party has trumpeted the congressional candidacies of several dozen Democrats who served in the military. Six weeks before the midterm elections, only a few have a fighting chance to win.
The rest lost in the primaries, dropped out, or trail their Republican opponents in fundraising. Many of the Democrats are little-known political novices who don't have the financial backing of the party's campaign committees, which buy ads to benefit those they think can win.
Democrats concede that only a few are in competitive races.
"The key point is that we had so many veterans running as Democrats and that veterans were willing to stand up and say that 'I'm a Democrat and I'm running for office,'" said Karen Finney, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). "They understand that our party is committed to our men and women in uniform and that our party has a place for them."
The Democrats were just using these vets to cover their weakness on national security, but bad policies cannot be coverup by waving a bloody shirt.


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