Hezballah's demonstration of bad faith

Washington Post:

In the mix of theater and pulpit that makes for a Hezbollah rally, the group's leader, Hasan Nasrallah, appeared Friday before hundreds of thousands of supporters for the first time since its war with Israel ended last month.

His message was defiant, with the bravado the crowd expected: Hezbollah was stronger than before the war, he said, and it still possessed more than 20,000 rockets. Only the creation of a strong Lebanese government, he added, would lead to its disarmament, as demanded by the United Nations.

Kamal Ribai, a shy, soft-spoken businessman in the crowd with his son and two daughters, thrust his fist into the air.

"At your command, Nasrallah!" he shouted, as six balloons floated above him carrying Lebanese and Hezbollah flags.


Could there be a more clear demonstration of Hezballah's bad faith and Lebanon's impotence in dealing with it. In effect he is saying that the agreement to the cease fire was a fraud and ruse done to stop the Israeli attack with no good faith intentions of Hezballah to stop its war agaianst Israel. What is worse is that the UN will do nothing in the face of this fraud. The only thing missing for this to be a first class UN scandal is graft and theft.


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