Do all Somalis look alike to Brits?

Daily Mail:

A Somalian bus driver took up to 200 driving tests on behalf of fellow immigrants and charged them up to £500 a time.

Deeg Mohammed, 27, impersonated hundreds of would-be candidates at a series of exam centres in a nationwide scam netting more than £100,000.

Mohammed assumed the identities of his paying customers before passing the compulsory theory test with flying colours.

The father-of-one was only caught when suspicious officials noticed that a number of bookings were being made using the same credit cards.

After reviewing hours of CCTV footage they eventually found Mohammed sitting fifteen tests in six different counties.


There is more. The report for some reason does not discuss whether there could have been a terrorism link to the scam. It focuses on the Somalis' problem with comprehending english. Don't they perceive that as a problem too?


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