Zawahiri imitates Democrats


Al-Qaeda's number two has called US President George W Bush a "liar" who has failed in his war against the network, according to a new video.

"Bush, you are a lying failure," Ayman al-Zawahiri is purported to have said in the video posted on the internet.


"Bush, oh failure and liar, why don't you be courageous for once and confront your people and tell them the truth about your losses in Iraq and Afghanistan," the militant said, according to Reuters news agency.

He also called Pope Benedict XVI a "charlatan" because of his remarks on Islam, Reuters reported.

"This charlatan accused Islam of being incompatible with rationality while forgetting that his own Christianity is unacceptable to a sensible mind," he said.

This from the guy who is responsible for the declining respect for Islam around the world and who claims that human bomb attacks are rational behavior. Oh, Zawahiri, why can't you talk without padding your sentences with unnecessary words like "oh"?

It should be pointed out that if the US losses are what he claims, why is he still hiding in a cave and issues statements over the internet rather than calling a news briefing on a weekly basis so he can face the questions of reporters. Could it be he is not only afraid of Bush and the US, but even of reporters? Oh, what a coward you are Zawahiri. Oh Zawahiri, turn yourself into a human bomb so more rational noise imminates from your being.

Update: Gateway Pundit has more with additional links to this losers video. Democrats are upset about theft of talking points.


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