Al Qaeda Anbar leader zapped

Bill Roggio:

Task Force 145, the global hunter-killers of high value al-Qeda targets, is conducting a full court press in Iraq. The Kuwaiti News Agency reports al-Qaeda's Emir in Anbar province, Khalid Mahal, and Nasif Al-Mawla, his aide, were killed during an operation in the Thar Thar region. An American intelligence source will not comment on Mahal's death but did state “operations are ongoing."

Regional emirs are essentially military commanders (or senior generals in western terms), and Mahal would have reported directly to the Mujahdeen Shura, al-Qaeda's leadership council in Iraq.


It has been a bad week to be al Qaeda in Iraq. The leadership targets keep falling as al Qaeda keeps creating enemies in Iraq. It is possible that the Anbar tribal leaders who have declared war against al Qaeda provided some actionable intelligence. Isn't interesting how al Qaeda keeps creating enemies around the world by its attacks on non combatants. Somebody tell the Democrats.


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