Al Qaeda takes credit for murdering Palestinian?


A group claiming to be al-Qaeda yesterday announced it was behind the assassination last week of a senior Palestinian security official, accusing the officer of "collaborating" with the "Zionists" and the United States.

The group, calling itself Al-Qaeda in Palestine, warned of more killings. It said its next attack in the region would be "more destructive" and would use "trucks full of explosives."

Last Friday, Jad Tayeh, director of foreign relations for the Palestinian Authority's General Security Services, was assassinated in the Gaza Strip along with four of his assistants. The G.S.S. is controlled by PA President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party.

According to security officials here, the General Security Services routinely exchanges information with Israeli, American and European security agencies.

Senior Palestinian officials say Abbas this week told Hamas he is in possession of "concrete evidence" indicating Hamas was behind the Tayeh killing. Abbas reportedly threatened he would suspend talks of creating a national unity government unless Hamas arrested those responsible for the assassination.

Hamas currently holds the majority of Palestinian parliamentary seats. Fatah and Hamas have been negotiating the past few weeks regarding the possibility of forming a unity government.

Yesterday a pamphlet distributed in Gaza and signed by al-Qaeda claimed it assassinated Tayeh.

This maybe just another ruse by Hamas to avoid responsibility for its own acts. The claim of responsibility seems a little too cute.


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