Democrats, NY Times support for voter fraud

Don Surber:

They registered dead people on Indian reservations to try to keep Tom Daschle in the Senate.

They still allow the dead to vote in Southern West Virginia, allowing Democrats to maintain control of the Legislature for 70+ years.

They still have the Daley machine in Cook County keeping Illinois safely in Democratic hands.

Small wonder the New York Times opposes efforts to clean up political fraud -- the cancellation of my votes by phonies, frauds and felons.

In a despicable editorial today, "Keep Away the Vote," the Pinch people try to make the case against requiring the same Photo ID needed to buy beer or cigarettes:
The bill was sold as a means of deterring vote fraud, but that is a phony argument. There is no evidence that a significant number of people are showing up at the polls pretending to be other people, or that a significant number of noncitizens are voting.
I can prove the fraud in West Virginia.

I can show the buying and selling of votes in the last 12 elections in Lincoln and Logan counties.

Can the Times prove that illegal aliens do not vote? Can the Times prove that convicted murderers do not vote? Can the Times prove that votes are not cast in the name of the dead?

There is more. He is right about the evidence of fraud and it appears to favor Democrats in most cases. The suggestion that elderly or the poor can't come up with ID's is ridulous. ID are required for many normal functions of life in this country and voting should be considered as such. What is going on here is the Democrats determination to win by cheating with the help of its support network in the liberal media.


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