Why there is nothing to negotiate

Doug Giles:

The Islamofascists would love nothing more than to turn the American Dream into a nuclear nightmare. And this Islamic ill will is wished upon all Americans, not just the hawkish conservatives.

Get it right, you who still don’t get it, these bug-eyed, helix-missing, religious zealots (someone must have pee’d in their gene pool), do not, I repeat, do not give a camel poop about:

Whether you’re gay or straight,

Whether you drive a Hybrid or a Hummer,

Whether you are a svelte Paris Hilton or a roomy Southern Baptist,

Whether you lean politically left or right,

Whether you’re Bill Clinton or Bill O’Reilly,

Whether you wear a cross, a star of David or a pentagram, and lastly,

Whether you’re black, white, yellow, red or brown.

All of these oxygen thieves have one desire for the American collective and that is . . . our death.

Yes, these Islamic evolutionary holdovers don’t give a flip about us, our nation or our way of life; and there is nothing, nothing, we can do to dissuade them from seeking our demise other than to obliterate them on their turf and on our terms.


See this post for confirmation.


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