MoveOn and the ethnic hatred of Jews

Robert Goldberg:

Last week, Sen. George Allen personally apologized to a staff member of his Democrat opponent, James Webb, for calling him a "macaca." This was the latest in a string of public apologies for what has been described as a racial slur aimed at individual who is of Indian descent.
The moral outrage pouring from the media and Democrats was heartwarming. It was reassuring to see that such expressions of bigotry by any party, politician or political organization (or movie actor) will not be tolerated.
So no doubt the media and the Left will soon turn their attention to the vicious anti-Semitism the followers and members of a political organization that donates millions to Democratic candidates and uses the Web to whip up support for its policies.
I am referring to; an entity that claims it is merely the vehicle of "real Americans — from carpenters to stay-at-home moms to business leaders — we work together to realize the progressive vision of our country's founders." To the extent that is a reflection of its membership, it is also a reflection of the opinions and sentiments it shares about its fellow Americans and citizens of the world. And boy do the Moveon folks hate Jews.
Perhaps hate is too weak a word. William F. Buckley Jr. wrote an article in 1991 exploring the question of whether Pat Buchanan was an anti-Semite (The answer: yes.) Mr. Buchanan called Jewish supporters of Israel its "amen corner" and a fourth (or was it fifth?) column undermining American global interests. But he never called them "Media owning Jewish pigs" or "sneaky Jewish sympathizers!" Both can be found repeatedly on the Action Forum.
Moveon is not the only leftist Web site filled with anti-Semitism. But compared to the Dailykos and the slanderous Huffington Post nothing compares to Moveon in terms of quantity or viciousness.
After Sen. Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut, one Moveon member stated: "Jew Lieberman first step. Corporate Clinton will be next. Impeachment of BushCo will be third." This one came in with 95 percent of Moveon members responding approving the "Jew Lieberman" post. (Moveon helpfully records the percent of people agreeing with each post.)
Hating Jews and Bush are combined in many of the posts cited by Goldberg which are much worse than the "Jew Leiberman" post. It is a remarkable pathology that deserves the kind of attention that was wasted on the George Allen quip. One of the problems with the Allen quip was that the media's high dudgeon was so disengenious. It was that special treatment that they save for conservatives that they want to defeat and that they never use when liberals make similar or worse comments. Let's see if the WaPo takes this story on the MoveOn hate speech to its front page two or three days in a row.


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