Those who got it wrong on Wilson

John Podhoretz:


Corn has put a stake in the heart of one of the foundational theories behind the "Bush Lied" lie - after having spent several years promoting that very theory.

So here we are, more than three years after the publication of the Novak column. No one's come forward with the proof that Valerie Wilson was a covert operative. Special prosecutor Fitzgerald brought no charge on that matter, despite his outrageous and unseemly claim, during his notorious press conference announcing the indictment of Libby, that Plame's identity was "classified" - a word that in this context has no legal meaning.

Fitzgerald indicted Libby while claiming he was the first "known" official to have talked to reporters about Valerie Wilson. But Fitzgerald was simply wrong about this central contention in his case. He was wrong to indict Libby on questionable charges of having been deceitful about a matter that wasn't in fact criminal to begin with. Valerie Wilson's boss was wrong to go along with her nepotistic plan of giving her vainglorious liar of a husband a few more days of government service.

And Joseph Wilson - the word "wrong" doesn't even begin to describe him.

Will he dismiss his silly lawsuit? What will happen to Valeries book contract? My prediction is that the Wilson's will continue to act the victim. It has been too profitable for them for too long.

Jack Kelly also gives his take on the Plame flameout.


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