Hezballah leaving Shaba Farms area


Security sources in south Lebanon have reported that Hezbollah has dismantled 14 outposts in the Shaba Farms area near the border with Israel, Israel Radio said on Monday.

According to the report, the militant organization blocked entry to the outposts using bulldozers. Trucks removed from the area rockets, weapons and other munitions. Vehicles also cleared furniture and equipment from the outposts, Haaretz reported.

Eyewitnesses have said that bulldozers were used to flatten the bases in the Arkov area and block access to tunnels and bunkers. Witnesses also said that Hezbollah vehicles were making their way north loaded with the arms and equipment, according to the report.

The radio also said the Lebanese daily As-Safir reports that the Lebanese army has begun deploying forces along the country's border with Syria. Dirt roads used by smugglers have been blocked, and troops now patrol along the border in vehicles and on foot, according to the report.

This activity shows a degree of seriousness on the part of the Lebanese that suggest Israel may have won more with this truce than was previously believed. It bears watching.


  1. Could it have anything to do with this?


    A congressman said Sunday he would ask the U.S. administration to freeze the $230 million aid package to Lebanon proposed by President Bush until the Lebanese government takes control of its borders with Syria and prevents arms smuggling to Hezbollah guerrillas.


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