More arrests in German train bomb plot

AP/washington Post:

Police arrested a third suspect Friday in connection with a failed attempt to blow up two trains, while Lebanese authorities picked up a fourth man believed to have been involved, officials said.

The man arrested in Germany, whose identity was not released, was detained in the southern city of Konstanz on suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization, attempting to set off an explosion and multiple counts of attempted murder.


Prosecutors said the man was an associate of Youssef Mohamad el Hajdib, one of two Lebanese men accused of planting the bombs July 31.

Meanwhile, Lebanon's Prosecutor General Saeed Mirza said police in his country detained a 24-year-old man, whom he identified only as H.K.D., on suspicion he was involved in the failed bombing plot.

Mirza said information received from the second suspect, Jihad Hamad, led to the arrest.

After a nearly three-week lull following the attempted bombings, the case has moved quickly in recent days. El Hajdib, 21, was arrested Aug. 19, and Hamad, 20, was arrested Thursday in Lebanon.


There seem to be a number of failed plots these days. This suggest that authorities are betting better at stalking and finding the terrorist and that the terrorist of this generation are not as effective as those who have turned themselves into human bombs in the past. It is possible that attrition is resulting in ever weaker attacks from the Islamist terrorist.

While the NY Times attempted to make a big deal out of an increase in the number of IED attacks in Iraq, it downplayed the decrease in the effectiveness of the attacks and that decrease in effectiveness stems in part from attrition that US forces have imposed on the enemy and his bomb makers. It appears that the Jihadis are not immune from the effects of attrition.


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