Saddam asked for timeline on rearming

Rowan Scarborough:

Saddam Hussein asked his weapons specialists about a timeline to restart production of deadly chemical weapons and the potential to have a fleet of bomb-laden boats to attack American ships in the Persian Gulf, a CIA report says.
The report from Charles Duelfer, the CIA's chief weapons inspector for Iraq, shows Saddam consistently looked for ways to violate United Nations' weapons prohibitions before the March 2003 invasion that knocked him from power.


Anecdotes about the dictator's weapons ambitions came principally from three senior defense ministry officials who are incarcerated in Iraq. The most talkative, the report indicates, was Abduallah al Mullah Huwaysh, a key defense industry official from 1997 until the fall of Baghdad in April 2003.
"Huwaysh recalled that Saddam approached him immediately following a ministers' meeting to ask how long it would take to restart production of chemical agents," the report says. Huwaysh told Saddam in 2001 that Iraq could make mustard gas almost immediately, but two other deadly agents previously produced by Iraq, VX and sarin, would take much longer.
Huwaysh said that a year later Saddam inquired again, asking "Do you have any programs going on that I don't know about?" He told investigators Saddam was increasingly worried about his declining conventional forces and feared an attack from Iran. Saddam's forces used chemical weapons to kill thousands of Iranians in the 1980s.
This highlights the principal problem with relying on weapons inspectors to disarm Saddam. He was a recidivist. He was like a chld molester who cannot control his urges.


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