Reports says US not at fault in shooting of Italian commies car

The NY Times pretty much confirms the earlier CBS report on the shooting, although theTimes says the vehicle was going 50 miles per hour instead of 60, but still well above the 30 mph claimed by the commie. The Times goes to say:

The incident helped focus attention on the risks that Iraqis face at American checkpoints, where human rights groups say many Iraqis have been accidentally wounded or killed.
While the statement is probably true it fails to put the cause of the danger in perspective. The actual cause is that the insurgents, in violation of the Geneva Convention, act as unlawful combatants by camoflaging themselves as civilians and by using civilian vehicles to attack US troops. It is the war crimes of the insurgents that has put the Iraqi civilians at risk. For that reason, it is important that any one approaching a check point do so in a non aggressive manner and make clear to US forces manning the post that they are not a threat. This the Italians woefully failed to do.

There has been an ongoing failure of the NY Times and other media to recognize and report on how the insurgents activity as unlawful combatants has endangered civilians including reporters. In one case recently, it appears that an insurgent with CBS News press credientials took part in an attack on US forces. Yet, there has not been any story seen by this writer that pointed out how such activity puts all media working in Iraq at risk. If insurgents are going to camoflage themselves as journalist, journalist should point out how such activities put them at risk. They fail to do this, and instead try to place blame on US troops who are dealing with the unlawful combatants.

It should be pointed out again, that the reason the Geneva Convention designates people engaging in this type of activity unlawful combatants, is that it endangers civilians. That is why unlawful combatants are denied POW status. This is another story the media has reported poorly tending to suggest that it is somehow unfair to deny POW status to unlawful combatants. These distortions aid enemy propaganda and so called "Human rights" groups contribute to this distortion and enemy propaganda.


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