Emmett Tyrrell:

When a United States senator publicly declaims, as Ohio's Sen. George V. Voinovich did this week, that he is suffering pangs of conscience, my question to him is, have you considered that it might be acid reflux? Consult your physician, Sen. Voinovich. If your problem really is a problem of conscience, consult your psychiatrist. Conscience among the senator's colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee appears these days to be an abnormality.


Who raised these questions in the Republican senator's mind? The provocateurs were Democrats on the committee, particularly Sen. Christopher Dodd and Sen. Joseph Biden. Now what do we know about these two? Biden was forced out of the 1988 race for the Democratic presidential nomination when he oafishly attempted to claim parts of a speech by British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock as his own. That is called plagiarism, and in the ensuing controversy it was discovered that this was not the first time Biden had pilfered lines from others. He even did it in law school. Moreover, he is an artless blowhard. Many claims he has made for himself turn out to be untrue.

Dodd is an old drinking buddy of Sen. Edward Kennedy's who publicly renounced his drinking sprees and girl-hopping some years ago. So now, he is a moral paragon. In the hearings over Bolton, he unveiled charts that purported to show how the Undersecretary of State had tried to dismiss subordinates in the State Department. Exclaimed the reformed boozer and Casanova: "This ought to be indictable." Sen. Boxer, I believe we have another candidate for "anger management lessons."

The Democrats bad behavior on the Bolten nomination should not be rewarded.


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