Iraqi civilians lead US to men responsible for shooting down chopper


The U.S. military said on Saturday it had detained six Iraqi men in connection with the shooting down of a commercial helicopter this week in which 11 people were killed, including six Americans.

The arrests were made on Saturday following tip offs from Iraqi civilians who led U.S. forces to where the suspected attackers lived. It was not known where the men were seized.

"The Iraqi citizen told the soldiers he knew where the blue pickup truck the terrorists used during the attack was parked and led them to the site," the U.S. military's 3rd Infantry Division said in a statement.

"When the soldiers got there, several other local residents confirmed the first tip and showed the soldiers where the terrorists lived."

Three men and bomb-making material were found in one house, and three others who in the process of making bombs were found in a second house, the military said. All six were detained for questioning.


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