Do you believe that US immigration laws should be enforced?

Cinnamon Stillwell:

It isn't just the weather that's heating up this month along the Arizona-Mexico border. Fed up with a largely unresponsive government, an understaffed Border Patrol and the daily flood of illegal immigrants into the United States, civilian patrols have volunteered to guard a 23-mile stretch of the border in southeast Arizona. They are members of the Minuteman Project, a grassroots effort designed to call attention to what has become a virtual invasion from south of the border.

As a testament to the volatility surrounding the issue of illegal immigration, the Minutemen (and Minutewomen) are causing a national uproar. Despite the fact that members are simply reporting illegal sightings to the Border Patrol, much like any Neighborhood Watch system throughout the country, opponents have portrayed them as trigger-happy rednecks out for blood. They have been largely vilified by the mainstream media and even by President Bush, who accused them of being "vigilantes."

In fact, the Minutemen include Americans from all races and walks of life with one belief in common -- that the immigration fiasco cannot continue unabated. Poll after poll shows that a majority of the country agrees with the Minutemen -- in philosophy if not in tactics -- and many must be wondering why protecting America's national sovereignty is even an issue. As U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado put it during a Minuteman rally earlier this month, "You are good citizens who ask only that our laws be enforced. When did that become a radical idea?"

Good column read it all.


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