Whataboutism is a phrase used by liberals to excuse hypocrisy

Washington Post Editorial:
Don’t fall for Trump’s latest whataboutism
Liberals find their hypocrisy inconvenient to their arguments.  Media criticism of Trump is mainly preaching to the liberal choir.  That is why things like the story below will be largely ignored.
The editorial board of the Boston Globe is proposing that newspapers across the nation express their disdain for the president’s rhetoric on Aug. 16 with the best weapon they have: their collective voice.
The media got that label when they decided that Trump was so bad he did not deserve to be treated fairly.  Even since then the media has gone 90 to 95 percent negative in its stories about Trump and his supporters are tuning them out.  Meanwhile conservative voices at Fox and shows like Rush Limbaugh are more popular than ever and the liberal media remains in a funk.


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