Turkey's hostage extortion backfires and economy craters

Washington Times:
Erdogan: U.S. waging 'economic war' against Turkey
Erdogan started this tailspin by taking an American minister hostage in an attempt to get a Turkish national extradited.  However, he failed to file proper extradition papers are offering any evidence that the may he wanted was involved in the coup attempt against him. 

He later failed to deliver the minister when there was a deal for his release.  Trump retaliated with sanctions on a couple of Turkish ministers and Erdogan attempted to do the same.  That is when Trump imposed sanctions on Turkish steel and aluminum.  That put the Turkish economy in a tailspin. 

Erdogan is an Islamist despot who thinks God will bail him out.  It looks like God is not on his side in this fight.  He needs to get smart and release his hostage.


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