Blue cities want to punish the young by making them pay more for healthcare under Obamacare

Washington Examiner:
Four cities — Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio — are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit Thursday, along with two individuals from Charlottesville, Va., who claim they would be affected.

The lawsuit charges that Trump is violating the clause in the Constitution that the president must faithfully execute the nation’s laws.

The cities' key evidence that the Trump administration is destabilizing the healthcare law is the fact that it has cut funding for outreach for the law and shortened the time period for open enrollment by six weeks.

To make their case, the groups also flag the administration's regulations to expand access to association health plans and expand the duration of short-term plans. Both plans are cheaper than plans sold on Obamacare’s marketplaces because they do not have to meet the law’s requirements to cover essential health benefits or provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Experts have said that the plans could destabilize Obamacare’s marketplaces because younger and healthier people will leave the marketplace for cheaper plans. As a result, the marketplaces’ insurance risk pools will worsen because there aren’t enough young or healthy people to balance out the claim requests from sicker people.
This is one of the key vulnerabilities to a much hated law.  The cities are now admitting that it is based on screwing the young and healthy.  The Republicans should work this suit into an ad targeting young millennials.


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