Judge thwarts Deep State attempt to attack Republicans

Washington Examiner:
A federal judge has blown the whistle on a secret Federal Election Commission scheme to punish some Republican groups and their donors, the latest sign of an anti-GOP bias at the elections watchdog.

In a newly released decision, Trump-appointed District Court Judge Trevor N. McFadden shined a spotlight on the FEC’s general counsel who recommended action against four Republican groups but dismissal of similar charges against supporters of a Democratic group, “Black Men Vote.”

In the case, the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center charged that the FEC wrongly voted to drop charges against three of the Republican super PACS accused of taking “straw donations” through corporations.

In a February 2016 3-3 vote, the FEC's Republicans voted to dismiss action in all five cases, noting that the conduct of the donors was the same in each, including the Black Men Vote complaint. FEC Democrats sought to investigate the four Republican and one Democratic groups.

In a sixth enforcement case, the FEC's Democratic chairman switched his position and refused to investigate a real estate developer allegedly using shell companies to funnel Chinese money to support a Florida Democrat.

In the federal court case, McFadden considered only three Republican cases involving straw donors from limited liability corporations, but since the FEC combined all five confidential recommendations, he considered them all too and made a point to note how the FEC counsel’s enforcement recommendations were biased against Republicans.
Some of the Democrats on the panel also wanted to attack conservative media such as teh Drudge Report.   Democrats are teh real authoritarians.


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