I don't know Corey Stewart, but Trump is not a racists

NY Times:

Trump is not into identity politics and political correctness.  One of the things the left has tried to do is suggest that if you reject their identity politics or political correctness they will tag you as a racist.

I share Trump's disdain for identity politics.  I think politics should be issue oriented and focused on the well being of all.  That has been the effect of Trump's economic policies.  He is freeing people from dependency by providing them with something more valuable--a job.  His current trade disputes are also aimed at helping American workers find more markets for their goods and services.  Black and Hispanic unemployment are at a record low as a result.

The Confederacy is history.  Both the North and the South have become winners as a result of the Civil War.  Slavery was more than just a moral problem.  It was as poor an economic model as communism and socialism.  All the incentives for increased production from the workers were negative.  Statues of generals who took part in a failed rebellion are iconic failures of that war.  I would not destroy them any more than I would destroy statues of Greek or Roman military figures.

I think one of the mistakes of the abolitionists was to focus on only the moral issue and not the economic issue.  Solving the economic issue had a much better chance of avoiding the war and the deaths of thousands on both sides.  It would have increased prosperity for all and solved their moral issue at the same time.

I do not know any white nationalists and tend to think their numbers are exaggerated by the media.  I do not see them as a group with any significant political influence.  I oppose identity politics by all ethnic groups.  I want to see everyone in this country prosper and be proud of their country.


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