Democrats try to downplay their support for rationed single payer healthcare

Democratic voters want single payer health care. But don’t expect to hear Democratic candidates talk about it — at least not in those words.

To avoid divisive intraparty fights that drive candidates left — only to be attacked by Republicans for favoring socialized medicine — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warned aspirants last year about the political liabilities of endorsing “single payer,” according to sources familiar with the advice. An influential progressive group even urged candidates to discard the often-misunderstood phrase and embrace “Medicare for all” to draw strong connections with the popular seniors’ health program.

A third of the way through the 2018 primaries, Democrats have largely prevented the Bernie Sanders-led groundswell of single payer support from swamping the contests. And they're fine tuning their messaging to build support for the idea. Kara Eastman, a progressive Democrat hoping to knock out incumbent Republican Don Bacon in Nebraska’s second congressional district, pledged to support the idea but refuses to use the term “single payer,” calling it a “buzzword.”
Democrats continue to perfect their grasp on teh politics of fraud.  They can't tell you what they really want because they know they can't win if they tell the truth.  They seem to have a default for control freak government and are willing to push failed policies like socialized medicine using code words and phrases.  Single payer used to do the trick for them, but people are catching on so they move on to other attempts to hide their real intent.


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