California poverty leads the country and their answer to it is more liberalism?

Gary Lieberthal:
I know it is not a pleasant topic but let’s take just a moment and think about poverty in this country. Which state do you think has the highest poverty rate? Must be Mississippi or Alabama or one of those Southern states. No it ain’t. The state with the highest poverty rate is…wait for it, CALIFORNIA!!! Yep, our progressive, income redistributing state which accounts for 12% of the country’s population is home to about 1 in 3 of all U.S. welfare recipients. Our poverty rate exceeds 20% when the national average is around 15%. It is not as though California policy makers have neglected to wage their assault on poverty. Since 1992 California has spent nearly $1 trillion on benefit programs. Clearly it hasn’t worked. Then again paying poor people to be poor never does. The reasons are many from welfare policy incentivizing unwed mothers (40% of children born in this state are to unwed mothers), environmental regulations that add hugely to the cost of already unaffordable housing, sanctuary policies that create an influx of illegal immigrants, and the list goes on. And in the face of failure, Progressive California believes that the solution to these programs that haven’t worked is just to do more of them.
It is a condition which meets Einstein's definition of insanity.


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