California is a poor model for America

NY Times Op-ed:

The Californization of America

Increasingly, the state sets the national agenda. But in the age of Trump, will its progressive politics unite or divide?
California without the tech giants would be a basket case.  It has the highest utility rates in the country and some of the highest taxes and a lack of affordable housing.  Liberals have ruined what used to be a Golden State.  Much of its middle class is leaving for red states like Texas. 

California has the highest poverty rate in the country and its homeless situation is also among the worst.  It has drug needles and human feces on its streets.  Thousands of its teachers have moved to Texas where they can afford to buy a nice house.  Some of its teachers are living in their cars and showering in the gym because of the lack of affordable housing and the Democrats are making the situation worse by requiring inefficient solar panels on new construction driving up the price of their already unaffordable housing.

It is a model for what sane people want to avoid.


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